Daniels & Fisher clock tower building up for sale

Daniels & Fisher Clock Tower / 09.11.20160 comments


DENVER — A piece of Denver’s history could be yours — as long as you have more than $4 million to spend.

The top five floors of the Daniels & Fisher clock tower are up for sale.

The 21-story building was modeled after one in Venice, Italy, and when it was built in 1911, it was Denver’s first sky scraper, the third-tallest in the country and the tallest west of the Mississippi River at the time.

There’s none like it in Colorado. Around the world, there are only a handful of towers built the same way.

Coloradans once bought tickets to ride an elevator 395 feet to the top.

The building is still unique, with a staircase to reach the top.

The building became a historic landmark in 1969. The top five floors have been on the market but will be auctioned off in December with bids set to open at $4.5 million.

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